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DVD Duplication

DVD's are helping to deliver high quality audio and video throughout homes and businesses. What used to be an expensive investment is now a cost effective way to distribute your moving images. Our DVD duplication lines can quickly duplicate your master, print your copies and package them ready for sale/distribution...

DVD-5 / DVD-9
12cm Standard DVD-5 / 9
- 4.7Gb / 8.5Gb
The standard size DVD is manufactured with either a single layer (DVD-5) or a dual layer (DVD-9). The dual layer can hold nearly twice the amount of data, great for large interactive games, or when you just simply need more space! The DVD-5 is our most popular DVD disc and is fully compatible with all drives.


80mm Mini DVD8cm Mini DVD - 1.4Gb
The Mini DVD is a great product for distributing short videos (est. 35 mins). Many of our clients use the Mini DVD to send out corporate videos showcasing their company's products and services. We even have a mini packaging range to compliment this 'baby' DVD. Compatible with all tray-loading DVD drives.


DVD Business CardDVD Business Card - 350Mb
The latest product to join the DVD range is the DVD Business Card, or some refer to this as a saddle/hockey rink DVD card because of its unique shape. Ideal for mailings or on-pack promotions, this DVD is lightweight and can fit into your wallet! Again, this DVD is only compatible with slot-loading DVD drives. Give it a try!

Express DVD Duplication
Need those DVD's copied and printed urgently? No problem! We can print, copy and package most short run duplication orders in under 48 hours, contact a member of staff to discuss your individual needs.

DVD Replication
We also look after some of the largest DVD replication orders in the UK, 1000 to 1 Million+ units get sent through our DVD replication lines. Each step in the manufacturing process is controlled by state of the art replication software and hardware. Discs and printed paper parts are machine inserted into wallets/cases to keep down cost and delivery time. Typical DVD replication orders take between 7 and 10 days to complete/deliver.

If you have DVD Duplication or Replication orders to place, come to the specialists! Call us today on 0845 8733 050, one of our sales representatives will be happy to discuss our service.